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About Us

Idaho Atheists, Inc., founded in 1998 and headquartered in Boise, Idaho, is committed to promoting quality teaching and learning on issues concerning atheists. We would like to raise public awareness and direct public attention to an alternative to theistic religion. It is our sincere belief that atheism plays an integral part in a healthy and sensible lifestyle.

We vigorously uphold and defend the civil rights of atheists as stipulated in the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution using all available means. This includes our right to freedom from government-sponsored religion in our everyday lives as well as other separation of state and church issues. Of special concern is the secular protection of the captive audience of children in our public schools. Every child has the right to an education without being indoctrinated into various religious beliefs.

We actively help educate the public in certain matters relating to science. The long-standing philosophy of science as a method to search for knowledge has afforded the best possible explanations of our past, present, and future. Use of the scientific method, logic, and critical thinking allow for examination of new and old findings of science on a continual basis. This is paramount and essential for thinking people. Additionally, we believe that this method of discovering knowledge works so well that it gives us an evolutionary advantage over any system not scientifically based.

Idaho Atheists, Inc. is dedicated to the needs of atheists. We will work to provide services and/or resources aimed at activist, social, and volunteer opportunities for atheists and their families. Atheists, and their parents, friends, spouses, and children, will find that we are a friendly and non-threatening community of well-meaning people. We are a non-profit, educational organization serving the needs of Idaho’s atheists. Our mission is to promote freedom of thought and inquiry. We define “atheist” as “one who lacks a belief in any god” or, more simply, “non-theist.”